Elm Weekly Training

Improve your programming skill with regular practice

Undefined is not a function

Never see that again.

If you are a web developer ready to save time, frustration and resources, join the weekly challenge to become a true master of Elm – the language of the future.

Start building applications that will delight your developers and your customers today! The Elm programming language is very different from JavaScript in how it does things. By mastering Elm you will better be able to use the abstractions built into the language to express yourself in code. If you have been playing with Elm but do not feel ready to build a production application this is for you.

How do engineers become more fluent in Elm and Functional programming? The same way you get better at any skill, Practice!

Test and grow your knowledge of ELM every week with a challenge - so you become truly fluent.

Elm Weekly training will provide you a new exercise every Tuesday and a video solution every Friday to work on and hone your Elm skills. I want these Exercises to challenge you. They should be hard, but not that hard, and at the end of them you should have learned a new skill. With repetition you will get to the point where you can spend less time googling and looking at Stack Overflow and more time coding.

Challenge Yourself Now!